Director Le Thi Hoai

Le Thi Hoai


Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Open University with a major in Banking and Finance in 2013

Obtained a Bachelor Degree of English Studies at Can Tho University in 2019

  • Sticking with Khanh An Company from the first days of establishment.
  • Work in the field of Translation, Visa and legal services proficient in consulting, consulting, customer support..
  • Successfully handled more than 300 types of visa cases with the successful visa ratio above 85%..
  • Support customers to complete records with the most legal nature in translation (notarized), legalization and consular certification of countries with more than 5000 records per year.
  • Good communication skills with customers, good resolution of problems arising in the process of working, helping customers save time and costs.
  • Good organizational and managerial skills.

  • Ability of handling difficult documents and withstanding work pressure.


– With many years working at Nguyen Khanh An Co., Ltd. from the beginning, operating in the field of Translation, Visa and Legal services, Ms. Hoai has proficiently applied the accumulated experience to advise and support customers in the most convenient ways, which help customers save time and cost.

– In the field of visa processing, Ms. Hoai has received and helped customers’ information become more convincing for visa agencies. The company has successfully processed more than 300 types of visas of all kinds with success rate of above 85%.

– She also supports clients to complete the paper with the most legal nature in translation (notarized), legalization and consular certification of different countries with more than 5000 documents per year.

In addition, she helps foreign investors from the US, Spain, and South Korea, etc., to complete the procedures for investment and business registration in Vietnam smoothly. Besides supporting foreign experts and teachers in applying for work permits and long-term temporary resident cards in Vietnam, she also successfully supports many cases of marriage registration for foreigners (from the United States, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Taiwan, South Korea, etc.)  in Vietnam and apply for a long-term temporary resident card for spouses. Consulting and supporting for customers to change driver licenses issued by the other countries to Vietnam driver’s license and change Vietnam to an international driver license that can be used in 192 countries is also one of her strengths. Besides, in the divorce procedure involving foreigners such as Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian, etc., Ms. Hoai has provided conscientious consultancy and support to customers and ensure the highest benefits for them.