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Maximum basic insurance benefit/person/year


Free Consultation


Selecting medical examination and treatment facilities


Deals for the family

✓ Highly qualified consultants, 100% graduated from bachelor’s degree and always enthusiastic

✓ Commitment to support compensation throughout the duration of insurance. Fast and accurate compensation within 15 working days. Provide free support for customers in making compensation records in accordance with regulations.

✓ No health examination is required before registration

✓ One insurance for the whole family

✓ Multiple insurance benefits, suitable for various budget levels and needs: Inpatient and outpatient insurance due to illness / accident / maternity complication, personal accident insurance benefit, life insurance, dental insurance benefits, maternity insurance.

✓Access to the system of modern standard hospitals in the country and some Asian countries.

✓ Premium hospital fee guarantee service 24/7: Hospital system is linked across the country. Customers do not spend time collecting claim documents and pay hospital fees (Note: Depending on the hospital / medical facility and the insurance package you choose, there will be detailed terms according to each contract).

✓ For hospitals that are in the hospital fee guarantee system, customers will be treated in the case of guarantee. Bao Viet will guarantee hospital fees for customers. For hospitals, clinics out of the list, the customers shall send documents to Bao Viet – Bao Viet will pay within 15 working days.

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