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And more than 50 other languages.


    “Translation” is a method of converting from one language to another. Translation is not a science but an intellectual product. In particular, different levels of concentration of the same linguist can create different finished products. 

   “Notarized translation” is the service of translating documents with legal seal of an organization or agency into another language according to customers’ needs (translation). After that, these documents will be taken to the Justice Department to certify that the translation is accurate compared to the original document (notarized) signed by the translator (whose signature has been posted at the Justice Department).

School report, diploma, bachelor degree, master degree, doctorate, certificate, resume
Family register, Certificates of land use rights and ownership of houses and properties attached to land, Certificates of ownership of other properties

Health certificate, Medical examination reports

Different types of contracts, Certifications
Certificate of Birth, Death, and Marriage, ID card/Citizen ID Card, Passport, Driver’s license

Dossiers of other fields that meet the requirements to be notarized


    “A non-notarized translation” is a translation provided by a certified translator (a translator with expertise in translation of this language). The translator must provide full name, signature, date of translation and other information, and be legally responsible to ensure that the translation is complete and accurate.

    Translators are certified by any agency or organization, the agency or organization must stamp and confirm information about the translator. The translated text is only for the content transaction.

Research, educational and technical documents

Judicial and legal documents

Book translation

Video and movie translation


“Interpretation” is the transference of meaning between spoken languages.An interpreter is a person whose job is to translate what someone is saying into another language.

Interpreting services at Khanh An Company include: interpretation in court, contract interpretation, seminar interpretation and interpretation on demand, etc.

Interpretation in court

Contract interpretation

Seminar interpretation

Interpretation on demand


Nguyen Khanh An Co., Ltd is committed to making the best effort to become a reliable partner a companion of the development of domestic and foreign businesses and departments, etc.

To ensure the quality of the translation, Nguyen Khanh An Co., Ltd always strictly follows these 4-step translation process as follows:

Professional translation and interpretation team

Qualified translation process

Document completion on schedule

The most reasonable and competitive price

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Experiencing Khanh An translation service, customers will surely receive a perfect and quality product in the shortest time thanks to our experienced specialists.